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2004 Range rover hse 4.4 LHD Will not start. Performed the following:

 New battery with +1000 crank amps

 Lynx from britparts has no faults

 All park neutral inputs verified via continuity check from connector at trans ECU

 Prndl in dash and prndl in shift console indicate inputs are there and synchronized

 Steering wheel returns to memory position each time key is turned on

 Verified Crank position of key provides 12vdc input to ECM, no 12vdc output from ecm

 Verified no continuity to ground through connection x197 (parallel input Steering ECU and

starter interlock relay and trans ECU)

 Ignition key on position, 12vdc jumper at yellow wire, and ground jumper at blue wire on

starter interlock relay(r199) starts car

All references are from rave electrical schematic page 93, 2003 my title Electronic Automatic

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