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Hi all this is my first post so please be kind :-o

I love my Vogue but the Audio system is so frustrating I am at the end of my wit:oops:, firstly I find the system (Sat nav with DSP) very dated I mean my father had an old 5 series 99 or 2000 model which seems about the same level system which I cant believe. :naughty: but in the Vogue the Sat nav stopped working (no longer shows on screen no power light) and then last week the cd changer packs in and im told it needs replacing. 8-0=

So heres the thing, I need to get the sat nav repaired and a new cd changer but what I did have planned was a company in Enfield upgrade the TV tuner to Digital TV for around £450 I was going to get that too but someone mentioned to me today that I can purchase BMW parts to upgrade my system so if you guys could help me out I would be over the moon.

I need a BMW CD changer that plays MP3 - (Plug and Play) - Please advise models numbers ect or stores?

Is there a plug and play BMW module to upgrade Analogue TV Module? (again part number would be grand)

Where can I get Sat Nav module repaired?

If you could help me out I would be eternally grateful

Kind regards

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