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Evening all

Having a genuine nightmare here /:(

Recently while towing a trailer transporter trailer the message "Trans failsafe prog" flashed up on the dash.

Limped home in what appears to be 4th Gear, turned the ignition off, unhitched trailer got back in and it seemed to have cleared its self, took the car out for a spin later in the evening and drove perfectly for the couple of hours driving.

next day drove 5 minutes down the road, same message appears, and has done ever since.

I've tried;

plugging it in once the trans fail safe message appears, no codes found. however once the option to erase codes was pressed, it drove perfectly normal.... until 5 mins later it throws itself back in transfailsafe!

taking off the transfer motor, disassembled the potentionmeter, noticed there was some scoring on the tracks where high ratio is positioned. transfer motor works perfectly however.

driving it in low ratio at 20 mph for 5 mins, message still comes up, im thinking that rules out the potentiomenter?

gearbox reset (Hold accelarator down for 60secs etc) - this made a difference as the car drove for about 10 minutes before the dreaded message code.

i also noticed if its been running for a while, the trans fail safe message will come on instantly, even in park!

any ideas i would be very grateful, the car drives perfect - no hesitations or harsh changes, had a recon box 30,000 miles ago, its such a shame its a lovely car and i cant use it

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