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2003 Range Rover Clunk

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So I have a mystery for you guys. I have a big clunking sound in my suspension of my L322. I’ve been diagnosing it and been fixing and replacing several parts of the suspension. So far I’ve replaced both air suspension struts and bags, both lower control arms and the sway bar links. Do you guys have any other suggestions? I did go to the shop for them to say it was the lower control arms but I’ve replaced those. Thanks.
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My only other guess would be the sway bar bushings.
My only other guess would be the sway bar bushings.
I have both a 2004 and 2006 and both had the clunk before I replaced the sway bar. Do it, aI guarantee you, it’s your problem. It’s not hard to do either, if you follow the procedure in the Rave Manual. The first time you do it, it helps to have someone help guide the new one in during installation.

Dont forget to order new A frame bolts, as they are torqued and then stretched, so they shouldn’t be reused.
BTW, you can’t replace just the bushings, you have to replace the entire sway bar.
No way to know, all anyone here can do is say "it could be this, it could be that." There are a lot of components. What you should do is leave the car at normal height, have someone start it and quickly jerk the steering back and forth. Sharp left to right motions. Look under the front as they're doing that and your problem will become obvious. It'll either move or you'll hear the popping/clunking.
Pretty much what brad s1 has said above. You're going to need to move things about to find out where the clunk is coming from - this can be very difficult to diagnose. I would advise against just throwing parts at it - if at all possible try to find the problem as it can be caused by pretty much anything. Get a big pry bar and jack the front end up so both wheels are off the ground. Make it safe with axle stands/chocks etc then lever each wheel up and down, forwards and backwards and so on and listen to every joint - you may need someone to do the levering whilst you listen underneath. I used a big screwdriver with the handle stuffed into my ear and the tip on each ball-joint, bush, bolt etc. whilst the wheel was being levered.

Hopefully you'll find something. In the most recent case on ours, it was simply the bolts for the upper and lower control arms weren't torqued up properly - as simple as that! Horrible clunk from the front, but when jacked up and being levered about, the movement was barely detectable. No parts needed, and 10 minutes to fix once the problem was identified.

Good luck!
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very often it is stabilizer bar link. LR030047
Disconnect the links on each side and drive it. If the clunk is gone, it’s your sway bar.

Total time invested, 1 hour. Total cost to diagnose, $0.00.

where can I send my bill? ;)
Just to update you guys I replaced the sway bar bushings and that was the problem! Defiantly would just replace the whole sway bar next time because they were basically glued on so I had to cut them off. Thanks for all your help!
And there you have it.
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