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I'm new here
I need someone with experience with mkIIIs help

Here it goes I hope I'm not shot at the end of this anyway, I live in Dubai and was looking to start an off road project I was looking for some early 90 range rovers to convert to an ls based engine purely an off road toy.

I stumbled upon a 2003 l322 with a bad transmission which is going real cheap same value as a clean rr classic. So Here is what I want to do convert the 2003 to an ls based engine and transmission while keeping the rest of the stock drivetrain.

I know it's a luxury suv but it's still a land rover and I luv how comfortable they are off road. Just want the extra power and durability without having to pay for the newer supercharged models.

I also found a coil conversion so the air suspension wouldn't be an issue.

If the engine and tranny were out would I have trouble operating the transfer case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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