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2000 Range Rover 4.6 HSE Ride Height

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I have recently purchased a 2000 P38 4.6 HSE. The EAS has been removed & springs put in. It appears that the truck is lowered as well. This is the way I purchased the truck. Everytime I pull into my driveway the tires rub on the wheel well. The tires on the 18" Wheels are 255/65/R18. Thats not the correct size that the owners manual states. Will this be an issue with rubbing? I am concerned with this now as when Spring time comes i have a boat that I tow. See attached pics.


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Hi JStephen, welcome.
First go to "User Control Panel" above then to "profile" and type in your location. It will help you a lot on this site.
Then you need to find out if the EAS bits are still on your rig, (except for the air bags), if so, or not, you would be well advised to restore the EAS ... Problem solved.
At the very least get the correct springs. Go to Rover Renovations on the main site for more info.
Thanks for your help. I am a new Range Rover owner & don't know much about them. Putting the EAS back in the truck seems pretty expensive.
I wouldn't be too worried about the tire size really, but I am a little concerned with the offset of the wheels. Do they extend past the wheel well?
Also, it does look slightly low from your pic. Depending on the stiffness of the springs used, and the tongue weight on your trailer, you may need to install some helper bags. Air ride something or other makes them, and they're cheap and easy to install. The hardest part will be to figure out which size you need, as this is an abnormal application.

Welcome to the site by the way.
No problem with that tyre size on standard LR wheels. But as mentioned above
the wheels that are fitted seem to stick out further(greater offset), and that
is the problem.
Just went out & took some pics of the wheels & how far they stick out form the body. Let me know if this is a concern?


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looks like we found the culprit.

To be sure, drive your truck onto your driveway and stop at the point where it rubs. Take a look around to see where it's rubbing. My guess is it's either the wheel well on the outside edge of the tire...which can be corrected by a little lift or different wheels. Or...the tires hitting your mudflap.

My nickel is on the tire hitting the wheel well.
I dropped it back off at the place I bought it from last night with a list of other things wrong with it. Hetated seats, steering wheel controls & vibration in the front end. I think one of the wheels it bent. Hopefully i get it back soon!
Well good luck.
Another welcome to the site. Any chance that your rangie has spacers that push the wheel outboard by an inch give or take. What is the tire spec. for width. Now you can start reading on this site to determine whether you should return your rangie to air and if you can for a decent number. Good luck with the repairs and I hope they do them foc for you. I happen to enjoy reading about rr repairs, helps to keep the brain active. Post results of what they left in your rangie when the springs went in!
So I just spoke with the people that I bought the truck from. The ride height was the least of my issues that the truck had. They are fixing all my issues that the truck has under warranty. I have a bad vibration when you get to around 60 MPH. They are telling me that I could have bad centering rings on the wheels or hubs which is causing the vibration. They said that the wheels are not bent & are balanced perfect. Does this make sense to anyone? Would that be whats causing vibration?
The centering/spigot rings will be the part to start with in the long road to curing the vibration. If that doesn't work, then move on to Upper and Lower swivel joints, Track Rod, Drag link, steering damper and so on. Go under the car and check for any broken/leaking rubber boots in any of the steering components I mentioned.
If you haven't done so already, you will want to download a copy of the RAVE to identify all these components. Since you just purchased the truck, you may want get as many problems corrected under warranty.
I run 19" wheels on my Range Rover and just ordered a complete Drag link assembly and a steering Damper to fix my vibration issue at 60MPH. Hopefully, this will be the last steering component in the puzzle to fix the issue. Then again, I do all my work and the dry climate here in Phoenix tend to lend a hand for working long hours under the car every night *sorry only kidding*.
Not sure with your tire sizes and clearances, however running 28 psi front and 38 psi rear tire pressure made a huge difference to the vibration and death wobble (not sure you experiencing the latter).
By the way, very clean looking truck. Once you have these problems sorted and providing the major EAS pieces are intact, you should seriously consider going back to Air Suspension with GEN III bags. You would be hooked for life :evil: :evil: :evil:

Good luck.
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Nice choice in boots `)

There could be a lot of things causing the vibration. Most people start with having the wheels/tires mounted and balanced by a reputable organization. Then move onto replacing suspension components, such as ball joints. But start out with getting your wheel tire situation sorted.
Hey I know where you could buy a complete EAS system for your for a great price! :roll: :roll:

kyle h. said:
Nice choice in boots `)

There could be a lot of things causing the vibration. Most people start with having the wheels/tires mounted and balanced by a reputable organization. Then move onto replacing suspension components, such as ball joints. But start out with getting your wheel tire situation sorted.

I had all the wheels rebalanced before I brought it back. the Wheels are balanced 100%. The dealer said that the wheels are not bent & that they checked the diameter of all the wheels.
it could also possibly be the the engine flex plate. That caused a vibration in my rover at about 60mph as well
The wheel centering rings came in today. i am picking the truck up at 6:00 tonight. we'll see if that was the problem with the vibration. Hopefully it is. I havent had my Rover for a week & 1\2 now. They said they fixed all the other issues.
Prop shafts and the dreaded VCU.....mileage is ripe for replacement
With only 60,000 miles? Well if this doesnt work it will be going back in for another repair while its still under warranty.
If it truly only has 60000 miles on it why was the EAS torn out and replaced with springs. Try calling Land Rover customer relations and tell them your vin number and they will tell you if there's something wrong with the mileage. Not to suggest it's been rolled back as Carl said, that's not easily done but I have heard of people diconnecting their speedo or replacing the instrument cluster. Just wondering why someone would tear out EAS with so little mileage. :think:
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