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2000 P38 Air Compressor Problem

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Hey guys im new to these forums and this is my second post,

so i baught my p38 from a salvage yard and when i got it the air compressors worked, theyd go up and down rising the vehicle, but since february its been sitting infrront of my house with the battery cable disconected.but now the car doesnt rise when started all i hear is the hissing noise of it trying to

is there any way to fix this???

thank you, shawn
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Welcome to the forums. I would find the leak and fix it myself.
keithdixon said:
find the hiss, stop it hissing
:lol: very succinctly put

Have a look at the car and give us some details of where it is hissing from, it could be a simple connection to the valve block or one of the bags.
Is the car displaying any faults?

There is a vast amount of information regarding EAS problems on the site and many with far too much information who would be willing to help if they had details.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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