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I got one of these. 2000 4.6 Vitesse. Whats the story behind it? As far as the research I did, they were all Black and tan with pre-updated head and tail lights, HSE with chrome inner door handles and faux wood on the center console and a/c surround and mine has it on the instrument cluster.

Mine came with a Winch kit and brush guard, front steering guard, axle guard, tank skidplate, rear diff guard, SD rack and tail light guards.

It also has a LR Experience Equinox Decal on the back side glass. I have heard that LRNA built some GDE 2000 RR's to commemorate the 1990 Great Divide RR but I have not found any real evidence of this. they were all rumored to be kitted with the above equipment...

And yes I got it for a song... :D for the wife and she loves it.
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