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2000 4.0, Swapped BECM, no keyfob. Unable to lock with key?

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The BECM in my truck was acting up, so I swapped the BECM, ECU and Instrument cluster from a different truck. The new BECM came without remotes and locks, so I don't have a matching remote.

I have replaced the driver door actuator with a brand new part from LR before the winter, also the fuse box under the hood. I am fairly certain that I used to be able to lock the truck with key, but I don't remember whether it was before or after BECM replacement.

Yesterday I tried to lock the truck and discovered that I am unable to lock the truck using the key. Is this expected behavior because of the BECM swap? Or is it a mechanical issue?

I can start the truck by putting the key into the ignition, and it runs fine. Should I even try to lock it after I fix it? Will I be able to unlock?
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You should always be able to lock or unlock the drivers door with the key as it's a mechanical system. Unless on of the rods in the linkage came off. Central locking will depend on the door lock acutuators and BECM.
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