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2.5 DHSE locking & unlocking.

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Well after my previous post regarding the flat battery and needing to be re-synced, I have found out what lead to that problem.
I noticed last week, whilst driving, the vehicle locking and then unlocking its self from time to time.
Over a 5 mile journey, it did this 3 or 4 times. So over the weekend I removed the door panel trims and removed the lock motor assembly from both the front doors.
After stripping each unit down, I have not been able to find anything wrong with each unit, apart from the white grease inside getting a little dried up, so I re-greased each unit and re-assembled.
After I had finished with the vehicle, I parked it up, locked it and left it for the night.
When I came out to the vehicle this morning, I noticed straight away all the indicators were lit up. They were not flashing but continuously on, all of them. I duly unlocked the vehicle and they all went off.
Not knowing if they had been on all night or for the last 5 minutes, I tried to start the vehicle and it was fine. (After reviewing my cctv footage tonight, they came on at 7.23am, which was an hour before setting off for work).
The vehicle was super locked and undisturbed all night. No messages appeared in the message centre to say that an alarm was triggered.
Could I have a problem with a dry joint or similar in the Becm?

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