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2.5 BMW engine oil filter top

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Did a quick search for info on the later oil filter housings with the plastic top to see if there is a special tool for removing it, but didnt turn up anything? RAVE just syas use a socket and carefuly remove it.

Went out to change the oil/filter on my 2.5DSE and had a half hearted attempt at removing the filter top but gave up for fear of damaging it. I need to get a proper size 6 point socket for the nut but just wondered if there was a proper tool for removing it, say one that engages on the outer circumference of the cap similar to the oil filter removal tools for spin on filters :?:

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On my DSE i use one of thease chain type oil filter removers, its like a small bike chain with a handle on on it that has a hook and you put the chain around the top of the filter and put the hook through a link of the chain so when you push on the handle in a anti clockwise direction the chain will thighten and undo the top of the filter, go in your local car shop and you will know what i mean as soon as you see it, its never failed me yet.
I think I removed mine with an open ended spanner, if yours is the same its either 32mm or 36mm A/F
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