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I'm ordering a new SDV6 HSE Dynamic next Monday and it will be 19MY. However dealership doesn't have any info about changes for 19MY other than slight price increase. Full details about the new year model will come 7 days after i order the car. I tried asking really nicely couple of times but they we're being persistent about not knowing anything.

Have you guys/gals heard any rumor about 19MY or maybe even got the spec sheet for it?


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No there has been no hints, releases nor have the dealers received any order option packages yet. At last check orders for 19s should open next Monday the 14th. That in no way means that info has been released, is scheduled to be released nor has LR provided the dealers with full pricing details or that final optioning has been solidified.

You may have the ability to order next Monday, but you will not have detailed info. You are pretty much getting a place holder by ordering early. You will need to visit the dealer down the road once the 19s are formally released and packages confirmed.

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Yup. That's the case. I submitted the order yesterday, made the advance payment and car will be ordered on Monday.

During the call with the salesman he slipped up and told me that he will make a price adjustment on Monday/Tuesday. So i guess that at least they got the price of the new car if not the package specification themselves.

Whatever the case, i'll post the info here as soon i find out more.

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If they offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, please don't mention that. Less hearts will be broken who didn't wait a few months for the 19s. (Looking at myself) :lol:

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The first CarPlay demo was in a Jaguar. Nothing since then.

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Hi guys,

I ordered my RRS P400e last year and got pushed back to MY2019. I've been stalking my salesman since for specs on 2019 model. 2 days ago I received the following info on MY2019 - please note it was originally in Dutch and let google translate it - so please blame google ;-)

I suppose it's missing information as there are missing headers and references to specific pages.


2.0L SD4 240 hp
The AJ200D4H (SD4 240PS) engine is removed from 19MY. This applies to all emission specifications
(EU6, EU5, etc.) and markets.

3.0L SDV6 249 hp
The AJ200D4H (SD4) will be replaced in EU6d-Temp markets (Europe) by a 249PS version of the
twin-turbo SDV6. With only 9PS extra power, this engine delivers extra 100Nm of torque and faster
acceleration compared to its predecessor - 2.0L diesel engine.
Note: The performance figures listed are the last target information and are only intended as an indication.

3.0L TDV6 Diesel
The existing TDV6 3.0L diesel engine will not be upgraded to meet the new EU6d-
Temp-legislation and therefore the 19MY will be withdrawn from the EU6d-Temp markets.

Availability of diesel engines for 19MY
To summarize the above changes, Diesel engines are available with RRS at 19MY:
In EU6d-Temp Markets:
• SDV6 249PS
• SDV6 306PS
• SDV8 339PS

PHEV - P400e

Predictive energy optimization
The predictive energy optimization (PEO). From 18MY PEO is a function of the parallel hybrid
driving mode that is activated when the driver enters a destination in his navigation system.
PEO uses data for the route selected via the navigation system; for example
traffic information, incline and rural or urban environment, and switch intelligently between the
electric motor and petrol engine to achieve maximum efficiency, while full torque or EV power
available when needed. PEO does not work when the "SPORT" mode is selected
on the gearshift.

AJ126 V6 S / C 3.0L Petrol
The existing AJ126 V6 3.0L S / C petrol engine will not be upgraded to new EU6d-Temp
legislation and will therefore be withdrawn from EU6d-Temp in the markets at 19MY. This applies
for both, 340PS and 380PS power variants.

Availability of petrol engines on 19MY
To summarize the above changes, gasoline engines available with RRS are included
In EU6d-Temp markets:
• Si4 300PS
• P400e 404PS
• V8 Supercharged 525PS
• SVR 575PS

SDV8 - Update 8-speed automatic
From 19 MY, all SDV8 on the EU6d-Temp markets will be equipped with the HP76 8-speed automatic
gearbox, which offers a projected advantage with a fuel saving of c2.2 g / km CO2.

WLTP & revised NEDC emission standards
The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) are globally harmonized
standard to reduce the level of pollutants and CO2 emissions and the fuel or energy consumption
measuring light vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles).
WLTP becomes a legal requirement within the time frame MJ19 for the completely new Range Rover Sport
and will result in a revision of the consumption figures, with changes to the brochures and websites until
This new test regime will offer customers an advantage by giving consumption figures that are closer
lean towards the real figures. This new system will also take into account the additional weight of
individual options and facilities.
Regarding taxation, the measuring cycle NEDC 2.0 will be used until 1 September 2019
(derived WLTP).

5. Paint
The exterior of the L494 sees a slight change in 19MY with the introduction of Loire Blue to the
lacquer color Kaikoura Stone.

6. Interior
User interface
The table below shows the change for 19MY regarding power and data connection points:
There will be 2 variants for the central console front and rear:
Page 8 of 12
In addition, you can find the different characteristics of the different in the table below
power and data connection points:
Connection point Voltage Ampere Watt
(v) (a) (W)
12v socket 12 10 120
Data & Charge USB 5 1.5 7.5
Charge USB 5 2.4 12
230 230 * socket
* 180W max. Combined over the 2 sockets.

7. Technology
Smartphone Pack - Apple CarPlay
"The best iPhone experience on four wheels." CarPlay is a smarter way to put your iPhone in the car
use. CarPlay takes the things you want to do with your iPhone directly when you drive
built-in display of your car.
You can get directions, call, send and receive messages and listen to music,
all in a way that allows you to remain focused on the road. Simply connect your iPhone.
(http://www.apple.com/uk/ios/carplay/ 08/01/15)

8. Update driver assistance systems (ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go
Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go (ACC with Stop & Go) function is introduced on the L494 and
L405 carlines on 19MY. ACC with Stop & Go has replaced the Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist
and is still offered in the Drive Pro package and as an independent option.

Adaptive Cruise Control element of the system maintains the set cruising speed and adapts itself
to maintain a set distance to the vehicle in front. If the vehicle in front comes to a complete stop, comes
the vehicle to a standstill, reducing the workload of the driver and improving comfort
improved. The function works in the range of 15 to 200 km / h.

Stop & Go allows the driver to stop a vehicle to a standstill and automatically switch it off again
switching, reducing the workload of the driver in traffic. With stop-start traffic
the Adaptive Cruise Control is automatically resumed after following the vehicle in front if it is during
less than 3 seconds is stopped.
In addition, the driver can ask the system to continue by pressing the accelerator or pressing the
Continue button on the steering wheel. When moving at speeds below 5 km / h after stalling,
Near-field sensors are used to detect obstacles in the neighborhood, with a warning to the
driver to avoid a collision.

Technology. The function uses three sensors to maximize the field of view:
• Cameras
The camera system accurately detects and classifies objects and measures their movement while they
cross the vehicle path.
• Radar
The radar system offers object detection capability in most weather conditions and is good
suitable for measuring the range and relative speed of vehicles.
• Ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic sensors offer very fast and reliable close object detection for application
low speed scenarios such as a stop-start traffic.
With the aid of these sensors, the vehicle establishes a target detection area, in which another
road users can be tracked. This allows an accurate picture of the environment
be determined so that the vehicle remains at a safe distance from other vehicles at all times.

Performance. The system can identify the relative speed of vehicles with an accuracy of
1%, so that the response of the Adaptive Cruise Control is always accurately tuned to the current one
surroundings. It is also capable of detecting stationary vehicles up to 100 m away, making it
vehicle has plenty of time to safely come to a standstill.

Speed. The system is able to identify a vehicle that enters its detection range with
0.12 seconds, with its position consistently followed 50 times per second. This is always a step
forward and able to respond to keep the vehicle at a safe distance from other road users.

Distance in front of vehicle
0.2m till 180m

Distance from the sides of the
8m to left, 8m to right
Page 10 of 12
Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go:
• Provides more support for the driver with a wider speed range (minimum speed
reduced to 15 km / h from 32 km / h) and Stop & Go functionality for use in stop-start traffic.
• Improved performance when identifying objects that intersect the route in and out of the vehicle
mitigate potential collisions.

Adaptive cruise control with steering assistance (power steering)
Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist (ACC with Steering Assist) function is introduced on the
L494 and L405 carlines at 19MY. ACC with steering assistant is available next to the ACC with Stop & Go and
is only offered as part of the Driver Assist package.
ACC with Steering Assist, is the next step towards autonomous driving technologies. ACC with Steering Assist
includes Lane Merge Assist; the function helps the user to stay central in his lane, from lane to
change or follow the vehicle ahead in a traffic jam scenario.

Adaptive Cruise Control & Stop & Go elements of the system work exactly the same as
described above in the ACC with Stop & Go section.

Lane Merge Assist makes changing lanes safer and easier by fitting
offer speed change when moving to an adjacent lane. When the driver
indicates that the traffic situation in the specified lane has been calculated, becomes the required speed difference
applied when the vehicle enters the road, while a safe distance is always for other vehicles
is saved.

Steering Assist. While the driver keeps his hands on the wheel, the system works with them
to keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane by means of moderate steering interventions up to
speeds of 200 km / h, making driving and traffic situations more comfortable.
If no lane markings are detected, the vehicle is aligned with the path that is being reached
determined by the car ahead at speeds below 30 km / h. If there is no vehicle to follow in this scenario
is, the function is disabled.

The driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel at all times, but steer, brake and accelerate
are supported by the system. If they take their hands off the wheel, a warning will be issued
before the system is shut down. Active of lane exchange has priority over it
system and if you want to leave the motorway, you can deactivate the function by braking, so you can use the
full control over steering, acceleration and braking.

Technology: ACC with Steering Assist uses the same technology as described above
the ACC with Stop & Go section:
• Cameras
• Radar
• Ultrasonic sensor
The Steering Assist system scans the road with the foresight camera for road markings and others
follow vehicles. This is used in combination with vehicle data such as speed and steering angle
determine whether the vehicle leaves its lane, with assistance in steering to center the vehicle
to hold. Where road markings are not identified, the system monitors the vehicle ahead with assistance
of the camera and the radar and keeps the same row line up to speeds of 30 km / hour.
The steering and pedal input of the driver is monitored more than 10 times per second, with the
required torque correction is constantly being adjusted to ensure optimum performance.

Performance. The system can identify the relative speed of vehicles with an accuracy of
1%, so that the response of the Adaptive Cruise Control is always accurately tuned to the current one
surroundings. It is also capable of detecting stationary vehicles up to a distance of 100 m,
giving the vehicle ample time to safely come to a standstill in traffic.

Speed. The system is able to identify a vehicle that enters its detection range with
0.12 seconds, with its position consistently followed 50 times per second. This is always a step
forward and able to respond to keep the vehicle at a safe distance from other road users.

Driver Assist Pack
Driver Assist pack is an all-encompassing ADAS feature package with all the features of the Drive Pro and Park
Pro packages, the surround camera system and the new ACC with steering assistant.

High-speed emergency braking (Emergency braking at high speed)
Functionality of the High-Speed ​​Emergency Braking has been transferred from previous model years.
- if a collision is unavoidable, Adaptive Cruise Control switches on the High-Speed ​​Emergency Braking
to reduce injuries and damage by automatically applying the brakes.
The presentation of the fast emergency braking system differs on 19MY. To enable the presence of the function
to emphasize the vehicle, it is added as a separate line with 087CB code. High-speed
Emergency Braking remains available with ACC with Stop & Go or ACC with steering assist only and if
As a result, the function has been added to the Drive Pro and Driver Assist packs - the packs that ACC with
Include Stop & Go or ACC with steering assistant.

9. Range Rover Sport 19MY Pets accessories
The extensive range of accessories currently offered for the Range Rover Sport is going
through to 19MY, with a variety of extensive personalization options and a number
popular versatility and practical functions.
In addition, a series of new accessories will be introduced at 19MY to meet the needs
from the Range Rover Sport owners to ensure that their pets can travel safely in comfort.

Pet Access ramp (pet access)
A pet access is offered which allows pets to have easy access to the
cargo area without the owner having to lift his pet. Designed for the optimal dimensions and
the right angle to ensure that pets can comfortably reach the Loadspace of the Range Rover
come. The Pet Access Ramp is equipped with a plastic middle section with a high quality
tread pattern and aluminum side panels for a lightweight but robust solution.
With rubber feet to minimize and protect the risk of paint damage and fastening belts
against the Loadspace D-loops that are used, the access road for pets can be
folded, to store in the included storage bag. Pet Access Ramp weighs 8 kg and is suitable
for the use of pets up to 85 kg.
We recommend using the Pet Access Ramp with an extra Bumper Protector or Flexible Loadspace
Liner for extra protection and peace of mind when using the pet ramp on vehicles that
do not have a shared tailgate.

Foldable Pet Carrier (Foldable pet carrier bag)
The new foldable pet carrier provides safe and comfortable transport for pets while it
remaining part can still be used. Manufactured from durable 600D nylon has the
foldable pet carrier a light metal frame with spring mechanism to click in place
If necessary. The foldable pet carrier is equipped with a quilted fabric cushion and nets
a comfortable environment for pets. Windsor leather handles and corner pieces ensure
a first class finish, with a side pocket that offers a convenient storage option for other accessories
pets or small objects.

Spill Resistant Water Bowl (Spill free water bowl)
A Spill Resistant Water Bowl, offers a convenient solution for use during transport or outside it
vehicle. With an anti-slip rubber base and retention belt for attachment to the Loadspace D barrel. The Spill
Resistant Bowl has a capacity of 350 ml.

Portable Rinse System (Portable rinsing system)
The portable flush system offers a convenient solution for washing pets. It offers two
minutes of continuous water flow through a shower hose attachment. The portable flushing system makes
use the pressure that is taken when filling from a faucet, meaning that there are no batteries or
external power is required.
With an integrated hand pump, the user can fill the water tank from home with pressure.
The portable flush system is equipped with a Land Rover protective cover and handle with an extra storage bag that can be attached to the Loadspace D Loops for transport.
The portable coil set is designed to be used outside of the vehicle and is ideal for use with
pets, but also offers a solution for spraying everything from bikes to wetsuits or other

Flexible Loadspace Liner
Ideal for owners who regularly transport pets in the cargo area. The Flexible Loadspace Liner is
a custom-made cover for the cargo floor from the second row, backrests and side walls
to protect the cargo area up to window height.
Made from a soft, quilted fabric, with an integral rubber mat and removable
bumper protector, the Flexible Loadspace Liner is also compatible with the full height of the
load barrier.
All the above accessories are available as separate items, but are also used as accessories
packages that have been specifically designed with different customer groups in mind.

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CarPlay! Grrrrrrr... I knew that would hose me for not waiting a bit longer for a 19.

Thanks for sharing though! Good to know. `)

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I would have liked to see Android Auto as well...

For the P400e I got told the CO2 goes up to 74gr. Probably due to the new test cycle.

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Thanks for this, very helpful. Now need to decided whether we should get a RRS or an X5.

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I would be amazed (but pleased) if CarPlay showed up in the US spec. 2019s. It has been mentioned in the past on the international sites, but has never actually been implemented. There was no mention of a smartphone pack when I ordered the other day and it wasn’t on the leaked information for the full size.

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The information I got seems to come from a sales bulletin (EU) released earlier this week. I received it from my LR salesman so I presume it's an official communication. He mentioned to me the carplay several weeks ago already.

Anyway I'm a bit surprised nobody else came up with the same specs.

But I don't see any reason why he would communicate details on MY2019 if not yet confirmed. He clearly stated that the CO2 numbers weren't confirmed yet.

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Indeed the international configurator seems to be updated (not the one in Begium) but I'm missing as well pet related accessories for example. Strange...

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I spec'd a 2019 Sport ATB Dynamic for the U.S. market. My salesperson was pretty confident Apple CarPlay wouldn't make it to the 2019 model year for the U.S. It seems the international configurator has some options we don't have in the U.S. (pixel headlights, "extra large washer bottle", electrically deployable tow bar, etc.).

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Apple interface/Carplay most likely will not happen any time soon. As mentioned above, LR did sign up for the Carplay program when it was released. However, as explained by the regional gent up here, no contract agreements were able to be reached. This is why detailed optioning lists say "less Carplay". We can always hope for an agreement to be reached. At least the configurator is ready. ;-)

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Oh I just looked at my detailed build sheet and I do see a code... is this LESS Apple CarPlay?


Also LESS on an ATB for the U.S.: 063YY Engine Air Deflector, 064BT Daytime Running Lamps (???!), 076EZ Electronic Road Pricing, 078XX Crankcase Pressure Sensor, 089XX Seat Contrast Piping (bummer), 096CA Brake Reservoir Label, 129ZZ TV Receiver, 170AA RSE Specific Language, 179AA Thermal Encapsulation Covers

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Usually the "less apple carplay" is written out... same with android.

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My salesman confirmed my car would be build on the 2019 MY specifications and asked me explicitly if I still would like to add the Apple Carplay option for a price of 252 euro (VAT excl).

I didn't go for the option as I use android but I assume soon the first European 2019 models will appear on the market with Apple Carplay.
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