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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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If this helps someone, the select neutral warning came on. Caused slower shifting and the trans did not lock up in high gear along with bad mileage.
I pulled and checked the high/low motor, shift switch on the trans, shifter cover and trans ecu. Everything looked good and for what I could check operated correctly. After reading through all the rave electrical fault diagrams I noticed the engine ecu and other engine controls also sent messages the the trans control unit under the left side seat.
My scanner stated no codes so I disconnected the battery for a few hours.
After I reconnected the battery I tool It out for a test drive. The car acted like the key was being turned on and off.
I opened the hood and started checking the wiring as it was running and found the harness leading to the TPS did effect the running.
The connection at the plug into the TPS ended up being the problem. once cleaned the car runs super and everything is operating properly.
This may help someone having the same problem. Check the easy stuff first TPS, MAF CPS plugs first.
I was the one who posted about cam timing on the p38 4.6.
Up date; I now have 40,000 miles on the rebuilt Bosch EFI engine, top hat sleeves. I replaced the Rover hart valve thermostat with a stock GM type up top in the intake manifold. Trimmed out around the opening and cut the thermostat outer edge to fit.
I installed the Kent sport cam and reset the cam timing 8 degrees advanced. Was told by everyone this could not be done on the later engines. Much more pep and power, runs cooler and much better mileage.
40,000 miles in 1 1/2 years no problems with 18 MPG US @ 80 MPH and 22 to 24 around 50 MPH.
So far until this select neutral warning light, I've had no problems with the car at all.
Hope this helps,
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