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1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

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theres no stick in the engine bay to check automatic gearbox oil level in 1999 model 4.6 European LHD continental car (Swiss first registration).
our two others (1995 and 1996) have a stick to check the auto gearbox level - this stick is alongside the engine oil level check stick...
but thê 1999 doesnt have it at this position...
where could it be ?
how to check auto gearbox oil level then without check stick ?
procecure would be the same (engine cold, start engine, shift all gears one time up and down with running engine and then check oil level) ?
Best regards
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Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

Some 99's and then 2000 on do not have a dipstick tube to check the level..... :(
Most of the way down this page are instructions for the newer style tranny without the tube.
http://www.rangerovers.net/maintenance/ ... vice4.html

Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

Hia Martin, txs very much for the quick and superb response.
The car got new cylinderhead sealings with complete cylinderhead service and was serviced with big service and cleaning all the bottom of the car done by authorised dealer for the bi-annual technical test some 2000 kms ago, now it has covered 77.000 km. The car was always dry on the bottom, it was only right hand side cylinderhead sealing leaking which we have serviced both sides of the cylinderhaeds.
Unfortunately soon after this service i recognised the car to being wet all over at the bottom of the car....
as i was out at the technical control and these guys didnt let it pass technical test (equivalent to MOT) cause of the oil drops (ususal in Switzerland not to grant approval cause of oil drops) and said the gearbox, the front axle differential and the lower engine sealing leaking...
well not very likely all these sealings to be leaking from one day to the other...was my feeling....
oil seemed to poor from all sides....oil drops on the bottom front axle, oil drops on the bottom of the gearbox reduction differential, oil drops on the bottom of the engine...
did have some oil drops on the floor under the car after stopping the engine and returning next day after the night...
if the car was left with running engine no oil drops falling to the floor....
i had the slight feeling first to check it and to see how it improoves...if its getting worse or not...actually seemed to leak less in the last time....
now i cleaned the bottom of the car and did drive a couple of days and still everything dry....
no oil drops on the floor...no oil drops on the bottom of the car...
so what ?
did the dealer overfill front axlé differential and gearbox ?
is it possible the engine not breathing as it should and therefore leaking ?
Any ideas ?
Best regards
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Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

If the differential or transmission were over filled, it should have blown out of the vent tube, and not the part itself.
I just replaced my front diff, due to the old one leaking after I replaced the pinion seal. I also thought I had a few small leaks, but it turned out it was all from the differential!! It is now bone dry underneath...
Differential fluid level is very easy to check though, just remove the upper bolt on the front face of the diff (a 1/2" ratchet) and check the level. Should be level with the bottom of the hole itself, or close to it.
Check the tranny per the link I posted too, just to be sure.
As a rule, a leak will show itself behind and below where the leak is originating at. So if everything from the differential back was wet, look at the differential.

Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

Hi Martin,
a) do you know where is the vent tube ?
b) well the car has low mileage, no offroad, serviced regularly, no noice, no rattle, everything quiet as new. so its very unlikely the front diff to be already eaten...
how many miles did your diff have ?
well pinion seals might occure anyway...
d) after cleaning now the complete bottom of the car is rock dry...
e) tranny service was done 2000 km ago as i said at authorized dealer at 75000 km and before at 42.000 km.
well i guess the dealer didnt check the crankcase breather filter during big service which included cylinderhead sealing service - one sealing of the cylinderhead was gone and we recognised it as the car consumed water...no overheating...refilled water using it another 1000 km until returning home (0,5 Liter per 500 km) and then did the big service....guess it was using water and oil together in that time and guess the crankcase filter not being changed or cleaned during big service and therefore did have the oil leak...
well will check the crankcase breather filter anyway in the next days and check front diff level as well and auto gearbox level as well...
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Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

Vent tube for the axle is on the long axle tube. Comes off the top of the tube and into the engine bay area.
I normally just pull them off the axle etc and blow through them (wipe first though or you will have black lips!)
The tranny vent is on top of the tranny IIRC but goes into the engine bay too.
My rig currently has 203,000 miles on it, and the pinion seal started leaking at @175k miles. I replaced the seal etc, but turned out the ring gear has @1/8" of side play in it! So a new to me diff from Scotty cured the problem :thumb:
Check the breather on top of the motor, but to be honest, if it is now bone dry go get it inspected and forget about it `)
Checking the levels for your own piece of mind is a quick job though, That way if they did screw up you can make a record of it in case of any future issues.
Re: 1999 Model 4.6: where to check oil level of auto gearbox ?

engine and front diff remains rock dry...
only gearbox still slightly leaks...
well very strange...
no oil seperator visible on the breather as its 1999 XA model.
engine was loosing engine oil which was visible and even i recognised in refilling engine oil...
now its dry and engine oil level stable as it should be (level of engine oil unchanged)...
I guess the guys in the dealers workshop have overfilled engine, front axle and diff...
and now im waiting the gearbox to get rock dry as well...
will check all levels in the next days anyway to make sure still some oil there in the diff and the gearbox.
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