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1995 P38 Airbag tool

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G'Day All, Been scouring these forums (and many others) for the right tool to reset my 1995 P38 airbag light. I have a foxwell n520 with Jag LR software and this won't do it. I also have the free EAS unlock, EOBD Facile and Four Stroke with ELM327 and they can't see the controller either.

Looking around at the vendors web-site it looks like BBS Faultmate FCR is the lowest cost followed by Nanocom - can anyone confirm if there are any other alternatives at a lower price point please?

Rovacom-IQ for android doesn't seem to have the module and RSW Solutions EAS v4 doesn't appear to have the SRS/Airbag ecu either. It would appear that toolsets have moved beyond the p38..... Thanks all.
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you need to figure out WHY the light is on, not just reset it.... use the search tab above and search only in the Classic forum for existing threads on why the SRS light is triggered
Thanks, I’m suspecting the rotary coupler but not sure yet. The 95 has the mps system with only two airbags. Checked all connections are made and cleaned and was wanting to reset light before digging too much further. BBS have recommended the nanocom.
Nanocom arrived and MPS airbag showed a fault - drivers airbag open circuit. Cleared the fault and all good, no warnings or error messages return. Fault happened when I pressed the horn, must’ve been a dicky connection.
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