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I just saw your post & had to reply. I have 95 Beluga Black LWB, in Lafayette but from Slidell. I have had very similar issues, maybe we could trade war stories, haha. After market Viper alarm seemed to be my problem. I absolutely love my baby but I have lost my mind a few times dealing with this truck. But I've also become a **** good mechanic, detective & investigator. I refuse to give in or give up.
Glad you saw this and bumped it. It seems you almost need to be an EE if you go with a custom alarm on the later MY RRCs as it seems almost every circuit is connected somehow.

I had a similar problem as the OP, but I had to resort to getting pro help in chasing down the electrical gremlin. Turns out we had a bad common ground behind the glove box. Once fixed, my lights were back to normal and the short was gone.

Curious if the OP ever resolved his issue?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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