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Hi Guys

New member here in North Manchester with a 1995 4.6 Mark II P38 which is having a complete hissy-fit between the Key Fob and ECU. I gather this is a very common problem, and several ideas have been ported to resolve the issue.

I am asking if anyone lives nearby and has the ability/hardware to disable my immobiliser and EKA/Alarm and what will it cost me to resolve please.

Thanks a lot


1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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What problem is it having specifically?

There are a number of different reasons and things that could be causing the problem, and stopping it from working properly.

It could be anything from it needing the EKA and it not accepting it because of a dodgy microswitch in the door latch, through to the BECM having had a hissy fit and deciding not to listen to EKA attempts.

I rebuild door latches and have BECM programming gear, so can sort out pretty much any locking/immobiliser problems - but a bit more info will help diagnose where the problem is occurring and what the best course of action to take is.

I'm a little way away from you, but I do most of my BECM/door latch stuff via mail order anyway. Cost.... again depends on what's actually wrong... if we can figure out what the problem is, then I can give you a quote on what I charge for part/BECM programming etc.

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