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1994 Range Rover SWB County - $4000 DOES NOT RUN

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I am the third owner of this beautiful 1994 RRC, which has been in my family since 1995. I've had it for 9 years. It stopped running about 3 years ago, and it has been sitting in my back garage ever since. I don't know what is wrong with it - I drove it to work one day and when I got back in it, it would crank over but not catch. It is now in non operational status with the California DMV. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to get it back on the road.

It is a 1994 Range Rover
SWB - County Edition
4 door
Beluga Black
Automatic transmission

The airbag suspension has been replaced with springs and shocks.
The fuseable links all melted back in 2015 and so they were replaced with a fusebox (from a discovery I think.)
It has some weathering on the paint, esp. the top. It lived in the New Mexico desert until I acquired it.
It had been well maintained - regular oil changes and other services until it went kaput.

Probably by now, all of the oil has dripped out of the engine (it has always had a leak from the oil pan and drain plug.)

The photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.

If interested, you would have to arrange for towing and it is being sold as is. I am located on the Central Coast of California.

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