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Greetings all,

I have recently taken delivery of a 1991 Classic. It is basically "Staying in the Family" as it was given to me by the original owners whom i grew up around the corner from since 1972.

So far I have fallen in love with the vehicle despite its run down condition. It had been forgotten in the back yard for 6 years under the pine trees.

Thus far we have gotten the engine running and purring. And the brakes are working on the front wheels only so far. My mech has not been able to get the rears to bleed. Only the front brakes for some reason.

As far as the ABS system, I believe the previous owners son had driven the vehicle with a bad accumulator for more than a few miles as we have found a bad pump motor and a bad pump. We have replaced the motor only to find that the pump is shot. Is it possible to rebuild these pumps? Or am I stuck with having to buy a new pump?

Thanks in advance,

PS, Pictures are coming as soon as I can finish the compounding and waxing. Believe it or not, the paint is in far better shape than i expected.
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