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To start I have just searched through several earlier posts about the fuel door not opening. So far I haven't found the answer. If someone knows the specific thread I need to refer to, it would be much appreciated.
1991 North American Model. Have had it 16 years and have had a very good time with it. Over the past 4 years or so however due to work, it has been driven infrequently. Trying to change that.

What I know, pulled into the gas station and couldn't open the fuel door to fill up. This is a first, never even intermittent operation. Removed the screws and took off the access panel and manually operated the switch. I have looked into the following.
1) Removed the actuator and tested it out of the vehicle, worked fine.
2) Plugged the connector back onto the actuator and tried it while hanging out of the opening, no noises no movement, nothing.
3) Put a voltmeter onto the connector, pushed the button on the steering column and saw no voltage.
4) Checked fuse C6 in the fuse panel, the 91 model, I do not believe is tied in with AC for the fuel door, as earlier posts for the 95 model mention. Fuse C6 was good.
5) Pulled the switch from the column, leaving it connected to the wires. Saw 12V in and when pushed, saw 12V out. Switched to Ohms and saw good connection across the switch when activarted.
My manuals are somewhere in the boxes of stuff still unpacked from a move.
So I guess my question is, where is the disconnection between the switch and the actuator. Can anyone guide me in the circuitous route and location of connectors, so I can try to follow the path? From my description is there something I'm missing, something else I need to check.
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
91 RRC currently on the East Coast
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