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1990 RRC becomes a Fully Restored RRC Great Divide Expedition Replica, sells for $55k

For the last 10 days, 8/4/14 - 8/14/14 a 1990 Range Rover Great Divide Replica has been up for sale on eBay.com (USA).

This Range Rover started for sale, without reserve, for $1.00 and eventually sold for $55,602.00.

This 1990 Range Rover has gone through an entire restoration, preformed entirely by Land Rover Technicians in California.
The proceeds were to benefit a Charity known as the "Tread Lightly" and was for sale in the USA only via eBay auction.

Aside from the winning bidder owning this restored Rover, the winner also gets to go on/be a guest of The 25th Anniversary Great Divide Expedition held on 9/3/14 - 9/12/14 to travel nearly 1,000 miles of unpaved roads and 4x4 trails along a portion of The Great Divide Route.
This massive expedition consists of a fleet of Range Rovers, including stock 2014 Range Rovers with no special modifications to demonstrate its continued leadership at providing off-road capability with exceptional luxury, sponsored by Land Rover.

2 days prior to the auction ending the bidding went from $36k to an eventual $55,602. 2 bidders fought it out in the end.

Personally, not my cup of tea but still an admirable Range Rover and restoration.

Here are the link's to the auction that has now ended, providing you with all of the details and photographs.




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