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1990 Rover County wheel size match Freelander?

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I have a 1990 Rover and was curious if a set of 2004 Freelander wheels will fit on there. They are both five lug. But I do not have the measurements.

Thanks in advance!
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Freelander wheels are unique. Disco IIs and P38 wheels also won't fit.

RRC nuts are just over 1-1\16" or 27mm and the Freelander's are 14mm for reference.
if you're really interested in wheels other than classic, you will need a bolt pattern adaptor. not easy to find, rather pricey as well. google search is you friend
Thank you both for your help! In that case. Is anyone interested in some three spoke freelander wheels???? In good shape! Will make anyone a heck of a deal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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