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I finally gave up trying to get my speedometer to behave, it has been a problem since last fall . Once in a while it will start bouncing up and down with no rhyme or reason. Done all that is advised without changing parts, then time came to acknowledge that I needed to replace it. Too pricey a project since mine is the mechanical type ( 1988 ). So I went with a GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer.


So far it works great. Attached day and night display pics below.



I tried it without included display film and there was a double reflection on the windshield which was a little bothersome to read, although it was decipherable - with the film, there is no reflection and the area it covers is so small it's not a bother so I like that setup better. The gadget has an ambient light sensor and adjusts itself, I have been able to read it driving towards direct sunlight. Just sharing.
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