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1988 3.5 running problem help needed

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New on this forum so hi. I have a problem on my 1988 3.5 EFI, I can start the engine from cold fine but as soon as the engine reaches running temperature the revs drop from idle and it rises and falls until finally the engine stops, yesterday I started the engine and it ran up as before but this time it stayed running no rise and fall but I turned the engine off started it again and the problem was there again, I have no air leaks a new rotor arm new cap new HT leads new plugs new distributor amplifier and new coil oh and changed the temperature sensor but still I have this problem where the engine will hunt and stop, if I up the revs it feels like the engine is missing, this problem started a few months ago and got steadily worse at first the engine would do this very occasionally then would be fine for months but it began to get more and more often until today I can’t use the car. Can any one help on this please
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You do have GENUINE dizzy cap and rotor arm. If not you're always going the have a problem.

When you replaced the rotor arm, did you hold down the reluctor ring on the dizzy to stop the bob weights coming off the bottom (requires a dizzy re-build but not a big problem)

The EFI has two temp sendors. The front one that's easy to get to is the gauge sender, the other slightly behind and more difficult to get to is for the ECU.

IF it's not electrical, then check the fuel pump or the fuel filter or the injectors. If it's the original pump, it could be reaching the end of life, or it could be that the electrical connectors for it are corroded
Thanks for your reply but I think you’ll find the electronic ignition distributor doesn’t have bob weights
My stock '89 EFi does have bob weights on the distributor. I know because I made the mistake of pulling the rotor arm off without holding down the reluctor. Then had to get the dizzy stripped and rebuilt
ould a 95 3.9 have the same etup with weights? mine ran like junk after working under the cap
I'm not familiar with the 3.5 injection but does it have some sort of idle control valve?
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