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1970-1995 Range Rover Classic
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I think I have tracked my issues down to a bad TPS. Having difficulties finding a replacement. Anyone know of a source for either new or a known good used one?
Thanks in advance!

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What I do is go to junk yards and always look for land rovers
Always take the tps
You can use one up to a 95

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Stepper motors are available
If you dig
There is a replacement
That fits
Im going from memory
I think some kind of Ford
Now do you have cats on your exhaust

The things I have done to my 3.9
I put sealant beteeen the trumpets and the intake to rule out vacuum leaks
Sealed the throttle body where it connects to the trumpets ...this helped quite s bit
But the one thing that made my rover run like a it is suppose to was bypass the cats
But I did that on a spare exhaust
I still have the exhaust with the cats in case I have to replace them
Ya never know
Before I did this
I got codes out the ying yang
Stepper motor .... tps...
Lambdas .. left and right
Now haven’t thrown any
Take this as you will
It took me a long time to try it

You also have to make sure the stepper motor is clean
I’m sure you know that
Also tight I add silacone to the threads

Hope this helps somehow
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