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Hi all,

I am creating this post for SEO purposes since I could not find another thread with someone else doing this. Hopefully it can help others.

I bought an '11 SC since they are so cheap now, and have a great tow rating to make a perfect vehicle for me to haul the boat and the track cars. So much better than a pickup truck, in my mind. I have always wanted to go for more of an "overland" look and get aggressive ATs with the most sidewall as possible. Because I live in upstate New York, I had a very hard time finding a clean LR4 or RRS HSE LUX anywhere, so when I came upon a clean SC, I went for it, even though I knew I wouldn't be able to get some sweet 18s and go with the tires I really wanted.

As a matter of personal preference, I absolutely hate the 20" wheel with 40 profile look tires on my truck. And frankly, I am not crazy about the 20s, even with a bigger 50 or 55 profile tire. I absolutely LOVE the 19" 15 spokes that came on HSEs. After reading a few posts showing 06-09 SCs with 19s, I didn't realize 10-13 SCs had even larger, larger brakes, and ordered a package of 19"s with some pretty aggressive 255/55r19 MTs. I had them mounted and balanced with some new TPMS and the shop called and said they would not fit. Pretty embarrassing! But I was quite surprised, since I had measured everything carefully.

I realized the shop had not tried to fit them with the spacers in the front (rears bolt on just fine even without). So this morning I threw the 25mm front spacers on the car and sure enough, the 19s bolt right on. The issue is that they are incredibly close to the inside of wheel at the top and the bottom of the caliper in two small spots. We're talking less than 1mm, like, you have to shine a flashlight behind them to see that they aren't touching. Common wisdom is that you need 3mm of clearance all around to be safe. The calipers have that in the middle, and don't just on the very top and bottom. I gave it a quick short drive and sure enough around corners and in certain places on the wheel, the calipers scrapped the inside of the wheel ever so slightly. In fact, it's so close, the calipers showed when there were spots on the wheel that were out of round, and didn't scrape in other spots.

So I did what anyone would do and broke out the 4.5 inch grinder with a sand paper flappy pad. The calipers looked nice and thick, so very carefully, I shaved just a 1mm or two off of the top and bottom spots that had witness marks from the inside of the wheel. I didn't take a good picture of the witness marks, but here's what it looks like after. This actually looks more dramatic than it was, I really didn't remove much, I just used the paint removal pad to try to smooth everything out. There is really only a very small area that need to be reduced.

Vehicle drives just fine now with no scraping, and I tihnk it looks bad-ass! Need to powder coat the wheels gunmetal now, should have done that to begin with. I do however wonder if I will get small rocks on the inside of the rim trapped between the caliper and the rim, but I guess that could happen with any disk brake system with tight tolerances.

Anyways, just thought I'd share. I am sure there will be some here that would not think this was a good idea; but hey, no one has ever modified a vehicle for better off-roading, right? ;)

TLDR: 19" HSE wheels will fit a 10+ SC with 25mm wheel spacers and a touch of shaving


Standard Height:

Off road height:

TLDR: 19" HSE wheels will fit a 10+ SC with 25mm wheel spacers and a touch of shaving
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