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18MY Range Rover Sport Autobiography (AA494/357BE/5.0P)

Firenze Red
Vintage Tan/Ebony Duo Tone Seats,Ebony/Tan IP,Ebony Headliner 032BU Ebony Headliner
034HU Ebony/Vintage Tan
038MB IP Contrast-Ebony/Vintage Tan
124AF Ebony Carpet**
Auto 8 Speed Trans ZF 8H70

005BJ Ebony Headliner

017TB Drive Pro Pack
065AQ Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist
086BG Lane Keep Assist
086GM Blind Spot Assist

020BE Red Brake Calipers
022GB Cabin Air Ionisation
025LN Meridian Surround Sound System 825 Watt

028HB Towing Pack
028BX Tow Hitch Receiver
029MI Full Size Spare
062CE Advanced Tow Assist
066CA Activity Key
031NQ 21" 5 split-spoke 'Style 5085' with Diamond Turned finish

033GQ Heated and cooled front seats with heated rear seats
033JN Lumber Seat-4 WAy Adjust Bolster
039IB Head-Up Display 041CZ Sliding Panoramic Roof 054DB Domestic Plug Socket 057RE Badge - Autobiography

072BD Climate Comfort Pack
022BR 4 Zone Climate Control

038EE Front Center Console Refrigerator Compartment
080AN Black Contrast Roof
088HZ Veneer-Extended Dark Grey Oak
300LL 22-way memory front seats with winged headrests

Did I miss anything important... !?

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Congrats on the RRS Autobiography order. My RRS Autobiography was on order this time last year. I too went with Firenze Red. The only thing that stuck out to me regarding your build is the red brake calipers. The red is a solid, bright red, not anything like Firenze red. Not sure if that bothers you, it did me so I opted for the unpainted calipers.

Not sure how much audio matters to you, but the upgraded Meridian audio is pretty great. Well worth the premium in my opinion. We have two young kids so opted for the 10" rear seat entertainment system. The screens are great, but they are mounted to the seat back, instead of being integrated into the seat itself...so if protrudes and I'm constantly worried about the kids scratching the screens. I see that you did not order them, but wanted to give my two cents in case it ever crossed your mind.

I look forward to hearing how well the in-cabin air ionizer performs. I regularly have odd smells from things the kids spill. Definitely an option I would have gone for if available for 2017.
I'm sure you will enjoy the vehicle. Now the wait begins!

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Thank You so much, I appreciate your comments.

This will be my 2nd RRS ATB.. I have one MY14 ATB fuji white (wifey like white...), we didn't build/order it.. we just bought that from the lot.

I ask that exact same question to my dealer about red brake calipers, and he pointed out to me until 2017 it's never match the body color, so if its sticks out too much
I might repaint it.. along with changing the wheel. I didn't like the 22" wheel designs and 21" wheels comes on the truck are not directional.. If I'm not wrong, the right side
wheel design won't match the direction it rotating.. with my OCD that will annoy the heck out of me :lol:. So I'll have to change the wheel, may be a reason to own 21" and 22".

I did consider upgrading the sound system to 1800W. But we felt it's not that important to both of us, or in other words we come to the conclusion
825W is more than sufficient based on what we both listen. ( And I have the money to change the wheel :dance: )

I'm thinking of getting "Click & Go" (base) with Click & Play (iPad holder) and some other accessories than the Land Rover in-built rear seat entertainment.

My Current MY14 ATB have UV protected windshield, I don't remember we adding that any time since we own the truck (don't know my previous dealer did that before selling it to us).
And I don't see that as an option while ordering the new ATB but MY18 have "Solar Attenuating" windshield. I would like to know how is your MY17 windshield option was and how its feel under the sun.
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