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Wanted to post this story in case any of other RRS owners have had this issue.

Ok I am a BMW guy (i track my m3 as much as the wife allows) but the wife loved the red RR sport and the V8 sound and power so that is what she got. I have had an intermittent problem which the dealer gives me the dreaded "Cannot Replicate" BS. I have had issues where you get in the car, press the start button with your foot on the brake and the car powers on and does nothing. Turn off the car, try again. I was sitting in the parking lot of a restaurant with friends(I drove) for 15 minuets repeating this step over and over.... No luck... then out of the blue, one of the times a quick error message stated, "Transmission not in Park". We all know we have no control over this, you put the car in park and get out. So I did the "Neutral" lever pull(under the cup holders) and that had no effect. So Now I am getting pissed. For some reason, I remembered an issue a BMW had which was caused by a hood sensor which caused "issues". Figured these cars are so sensor reliant i would give it a shot, So I popped the hood, shut it. NO luck. So I decided to open and shut all the doors including the hatch. HEY HEY the car started.

Fast forward a few more months.... Same issue. Leaving a friends house and the **** car would not start. I did open the hatch and put a cooler in the back. Other than that, no doors other than the passenger door was opened. So I open and shut the hatch, boom the car started....

This happened another 4-5 times and no matter if the hatch was ever opened, I have found when the car won't turn over I just pop the hatch, shut it and it fixes the no start situation....

Frustrating to say the least but at least I know how to fix it now.
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