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14" Snow Pics and video

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So , It turns out 22's on street tires do pretty good. The snow mode works very well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--mSzeLYLkc . The video is a bit boring, but oh well. I am not tearing through the streets like Nupe :)


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Not fer nothin' RC, but wouldn't 14" of snow be like 1/2-2/3rd's up the wheel? :D
The pics were after I cleared the driveway once with my tractor. The video driving was about 12" at the time ...
Driving in a foot of snow while holding your recording device in your free hand, then singing??? Man you have got crazy skills. Glad you didnt get stuck like i did.

Do you have the super charged or regular RRS?
Haha, nice. kstate vs. morgan round 2?
Very nice looking truck! Did going to 22's effect the ride quality? What kind of rims are they?
No such thing as ride quality in a foot of snow. Now on normal driving conditions you can tell the difference between the stock 19's and the 22's. I felt everything in the road, and also noticed that I slowed to a crawl at RR Tracks and swerved to avoid highway potholes while I had my 22's on. But at the same time, I loved the way my truck looked when I had them on, so to me ride quality didnt matter. My thing is that if you are going to put anything other than LR Stock rims on your truck, you are doing it for the looks vs the quality of the ride. And if you are on the fence about it, get them anyway put them on and drive it for a week. If you dont like them take them off and put them on Ebay or sell them to a member here. You may end up losing a few bucks, but at least you know where you stand on the stock vs 22's issue.

Morgan won. There is no way I could even compete with that out here in KS. I guess I could post a vid of me driving through 1 inch of slush.
great vid! I burned thru 26 inches of snow in the last 2 days here in DC. my 2006 is a BEAST in this weather! and...i've got 22's on it!
So do yall worry about salt ruining your rims during the winter? I have chrome rims and thats why I took them off. I would have loved to run them year round and maybe just put on snow tires.
28.5' of snow in Philly and my truck did not disappoint. snow setting is great.
RC Morgan,

What type of tires are you running on the 22's? Can you tell any difference in the ride of the 22's compared to the 20's?
Nice roof rack!! :dance:


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