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'10 SC Muffler delete - I wouldn't recommend it...

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On my ’06 SC I deleted the larger of the 2 central mufflers (the rear) to my great satisfaction – best $40 I ever spent on a vehicle mod.

Today I did the same thing to my ’10 SC with much less success. Twice as loud as the ’06, and the first time I dropped down into 2nd on the over-run the volley of backfires had people ducking for cover on Van Ness (and I’m not kidding). Completely undriveable with people around, even at 5 mph.

I put that one back and took out the smaller one (front) instead, which bizarrely made it all sound much tinnier and produced squeaky high pitched little backfires that were completely embarrassing, although for different reasons than earlier.

In the end I had them put all back together.

The stock sound of the ’10 is definitely deeper than the stock ’06, but it’s still a little anemic. The rather effeminate supercharger whine of the ’06 has been replaced in the ’10 with a completely different "knocking rattle" that cuts in quite sharply at about 3000 rpm. I can’t say that I love it, but perhaps as the pipes coke up over time the overall sound will deepen.

Overall though, today’s disappointment is the only one that the ’10 offers over the ’06. It’s a brilliant car.
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But at least you have a hell of a story to tell about having people ducking for cover :dance:
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