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08 RR/SC - P2601 -Coolant Pump "A" Control Circuit Range Per

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08 RR/SC - P2601 -Coolant Pump "A" Control Circuit Range Per

I have nearly read every thread on here regarding the TSB LTB00041 about the backwards wiring of the auxiliary coolant pump.
My 08 RR/SC VIN number is outside the range for this TSB.

If I am outside that VIN range, is it possible that it actually is wired incorrectly?
The symptoms I experienced are nearly identical from what I have read from others (VIN Numbers in the range), losing acceleration while 70+ mph uphill climb on the interstate, Resulting in "Reduced Engine Performance" notification on the instrument cluster, along with the Check engine light showing P2601 fault code.

Did anyone have this issue in an 06-09 RR/SC that was outside of the VIN range?
What did you do to fix/correct the issue?
Replace Aux Coolant Pump? Ignore? Check wiring on Coolant Pump?

Thanks for your replies!
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