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Hey guys long time lurker and first time poster

So my mom has an 08 Range Rover SC w/66k miles. She bought it used in like 2009 with 15k miles on it and shes the kind of person that is very easy on their car throttle wise. It's had a pretty pampered life.

A year ago she started to have issues with transmission. It would slip and then catch with a pretty alarming jolt of going into 3rd to 4th or 2nd to 3rd . It would only happen occasionally every couple days or so.

She has been taking it to the major dealer in the area but they're pretty trash. I've experienced with my '11 RRS and heard of many horror stories about them blindly part swapping to fix problems.

1st trip to the dealer, could not replicate. did nothing
2nd trip to the dealer, could not replicate, no codes, "Upgraded TCM anyways" (I'm assuming they just reset the PIDs) $250
3rd trip to the dealer, no mention of replicating it or codes, just said basically you need a new transmission. ($10k)

Its now about 6 months later and I decided to get involved. The issue is still pretty rare. Maybe happens a couple times a day under normal driving conditions. I was able to pretty quickly replicate the issue just being a little hard on it and pulled code P0735 code on it. But beyond that I'm not sure. I'm curious if this is a common occurrence and if its common to need a new transmission this early in rovers. My 2011 RRS had an new transmission put into it at 44k miles by its previous owner at this same dealership and I believe its the same trans as the full size. This can't be a thing right? I know rovers have their problems but total trans failure was never one I've heard about.

I'm thinking my next step is just going to be to check electrical connections and install transmission service kit (new pan, fluids, filter) since its probably about time anyways and see if that fixes the issue but I want to get opinions if the trans is actually toast first so I'm not throwing good money at bad.

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