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Question for the Braintrust

Has anyone done a Brembo GT or Rotora upgrade to their new style range rover? Im curious as to the difference in braking (assuming you do only the fronts)

Some questions:

1) Both the Brembo and Rotora packages "disable the ebrake" - I thought the ebrake was only for the rears. Am I wrong? What is the benefit?

2) Can you only change out the fronts or do you need to do the rears also (ie will there be a brake imbalance)

3) Do you need to change the brake booster?

4) How much better is the OEM Brembo SC setup than the standard HSE setup - and are the rears different also?

Thanks in Advance

An OEM upgrade is about $1400 and the others are $3500 and up
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