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My lease is up in 3 months and I love my RRS. since the new HSE (cant afford a new SC again) seems to be comparable to my SC with an upgraded, much nicer interior, I am condering leasing or trying to buy a new one instead of purchasing at the end of my lease.

I would greatly appreciate hearing any opinions on:

1. what you would do;
2. hearing about any GOOD experiences with a particular sales person/dealership in the LA area; and
3. any suggestions re where to go (e.g., website, third party service) to get the best deals.

Thanks in advance!

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Not exactly sure how leases work, but I assume when you signed, there was a total purchase price of the vehicle. So now you have to pay off the rest, but what is it worth today, 30k? You'll have to weigh the worth of that to a new '10 (not just $ wise, but is it worth having right now?) It's too bad your coming off your lease right when the '10s are going to be hot. Don't line up like umberto...wait, he may be doing that again, you might be able to join him. :wink:
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