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Hey guys.

I have always felt like the engine oil is not coming up to temp in my 06 SC. I always read the oil should be at least the same temp as the coolant, but usually warmer.

My engine oil, in the winter or summer, always reads lower than my coolant. Say coolant is avg. 93c, tranny is always cooler, 80c roughly. And engine oil is usually the same give or take as tranny oil.

Is it possible my oil cooler thermostat is stuck open?

My engine (maybe just the SC variant) has two engine oil coolers. One mounted to the rad which I suppose cools the oil but also heats it to bring it up to temp, and then there's also an oil cooler mounted in the bumper on the passengers side.

There's a thermostat mounted to the block where the lines connect the air cooler.

Anyone have a part # for this? Anyone ever monitored their engine oil temps to know if mine are low?


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