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06 RR SC or 06 RRS SC

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Hi guys,

I am recently vehicle-less (I don't know if that's a word)
I decided not to go with the rebuild of my beloved crashed 03 RR! So I'm considering options! Due to some circumstances, (we discovered that my grandma has cancer, and we are spending a lot with her therapies) neither I, nor my family can afford for the moment a '07 Vehicle! My 1st choice was an '07 Supercharged RR with the facelifted interior, terrain response etc. But, as I said, due to circumstances it's not possible for the moment! So, the most I can do is a '06 vehicle! I've never driven a MKIII Supercharged nor a Sport SC, and that's why It's a little difficult to chose! I've driven several VOGUE & HSE models of both the MKIII and the sport! (I live in Albania, and we have more diesels down there)
Anyways, I love the MKIII but i don't particularly know if 2006, the 1st year of JAG engines is a good one for the MKIII! In terms of reliability, etc.. I plan on buying the car in the States and then shipping it to Albania, so no warranty! I'm not that big fan of the RRS, because of the back seat space! The MKIII is like a luxury sedan back!

So, I'd appreciate, if you could point me to the right direction!

Thanks in advance!
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the jag supercharged engine is very very sharp , so sharp that even a very minor default with the airflow , temp , fuel pressure , whatever , brings the engine in reduced mode to protect it .

Except if now you have a very good and up to date LR dealer with all the diagnosis systems in Tirana , I would recommend that you buy a less recent version of the RR3 , but lesss demanding in terms of service .

Jaybear .
Thanks for the info jaybear! there are a couple of LR dealers down there! And a couple of BMW also! I used to do all the services to my 03 HSE to the BMW dealers, and they did a pretty good job!

As for the TDV8, I know it's good Gazellio, but I said that I was trying not to spend that much! I'm planning to buy the vehicle in the states, because of the exchange rate and the prices! I guess there is no TDV8 in the states, as far as I know! So should I go with the MKIII or with the sport?
If you deal with a private seller here in the US, you may be able to pick up an 07. If the truck you are looking at, is anywhere near Metro Atlanta, I would be happy to check it out for you.
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