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06 RR HSE cigarette lighters

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My main one doesn’t work nor does the one inside the console. I figured it was just a blown fuse but from reading the owners manual it states they’re on the same fuse/circuit as the heated seats which do work. The rear facing one on the center console does work so I’m guessing it may be on the same fuse as the one in the cargo bay which has a fuse in storage compartment.

Any ideas on how to fix? I’m wanting to use a cell charger not actually spark up a cigarette. New to me vehicle came without any covers or lighters.
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They are not on the same fuse as the seat heaters, theay are on their own dedicated fuses F17 and F18 in the rear compartment, top row of fuses first two fuses from the left side. Don't believe your fuse diagram in your manual or in the workshop manual, go by the sticker on the fuse panel. The 06 is a red headed step child, and alot of the info in the owners manuals and workshop manuals don't apply to them. A lot of the owners manual pages were copied and pasted from the 05 manual even though alot of the details (like fuses) changed. This is a picture of the sticker on my 06 rear fuse panel.

Awesome. Thanks for the info. I was stuck in traffic this morning so I thought I’d grab the manual. Silly me! It didn’t really make a lot sense for them to be together. Glad to hear about this being an oddball, my luck wouldn’t run any other way ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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