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2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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I have a RR with 104k miles, last year during month of May while driving at highway speeds I got a "reduced engine power" message, we noticed on this forum that similar issues were solved by replacing the auxiliary coolant pump so, we did replaced pump, (properly wired the connector) and problem went away.

About 3 months ago, we had same issue, tested & found pump inoperable, we replaced bad aux coolant pump but problem continued, later, during test driving,we also noticed check engine light turning on, scanned the RR, found multiple cylinder misfire codes but only on cyl 5 & 7; we replaced all spark plugs (did not find any uncommon issues on S plugs) decided to test ignition plugs by swapping them from RH to LH side og engine after test driving & scanning Suv again the misfire was again detected on same cylinders, decided to leave same ignition coils on swapped position, the reduced engine power message continued to appear.

Tested battery and alternator - found ok, replaced air filter, cleaned MAF sensor, tested fuel pump, found pressure at 35 psi - replaced with new pump, pressure now is at aprox 80 psi.

Took RR to a LR dealer, they found misfire codes on cyl 1,3,5 & 7, they wanted to replace all spark plugs, fuel injectors, ignition coils and passenger side catalytic converter; after we told them about the new spark plugs and swapped ignition coils, they insisted on replacing other listed components at a cost of $2800 since they gave us no assurance problems would be 100% fixed, we declined on repairs.

I added a 11oz can of BG 44K fuel injection system cleaner to the RR have driven it for about 45 miles, have not noticed any changes, misfire on cyl 1,3,5 & 7 and reduced engine power issues continue even during sudden acceleration down to 35 mph.

Please share any ideas on how to fix these issues or if you have experienced these issues on similar RR's, please let me know how you fixed them, thanks.
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