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I know there are many threads on this issue however I have not found any regarding my exact issue.

My engine power was being reduced with no code or engine light before winter. So I did some research and found that the auxiliary coolant pumps may be wired wrong. Mine was in fact wired wrong. I replaced the pump and rewired. Now that it is warming up I am getting a code and engine light warning which I didn’t before (power is being reduced). The code is posted below. I live in a very cold climate so it did take the environment to heat up for me to actually get this issue again, timing and weather isn’t the issue, I live in an arctic climate.
Thank you
  • P2601-00 (AA) Coolant pump control - circuit range/performance

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Check your intake air temperature

Rep is coming for many things. And range rover doesn’t tell you as always what is going wrong.

If you dont have codes, mostly coolant pump or maf is the culprit
You can check the readings from iat sensor with an obd reader.
If you have -40C outside temperature on working temperature your engine has 92C but iat temperature reads -10C. Intake temperature sensor reads temperature of blowing air into the engine from supercharger.
Intercooler system is almost a close circle has own radiator and hoses and pump.
I am runing now outside temperature -10C and iat readings are like +15-20C
The readings are from retired high school history teacher style if i run like mika hakkinen iat readings are raising.
If you stop the engine and key in position 2 iat temperature also raises.

If your pimp is working and you have updated software you must hear the pump whining in engine compartment if you have key in position 2.
If not maybe you have bad pump or bad fuse or bad wiring. Wires are mostly damaged.

Standart surgery if you have rep
Checking aux pump
Checking aux pump fuse
Checking aux pump wires
New air filter
Cleaning maf sensor
Cleaning iat sensor
Cleaning throttle body
Cleaning map sensor
Checking pcv hoses and pcv valve

Now second thing for rep
Maybe you’ll have soon misfires codes
If you get misfires
After standart Surgery
You have to check coils than plugs and lastly injectors

And check your fuel trims long term and short term.

You have to watch your warming time
How much time do you need to see 12oclock on temp gauge? Heater on or off? On which heat temperature settings are you idling? How much time do you spend for blue zone on temp gauge?
Those questions is for thermostats. Maybe you have a bad thermostat or engine temp sensor. If your engine temp gone bad according to workmanuel ecu get readings from oil temperature sensor and show that value on temp gauge.

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which fuse is for the aux coolant pump? I’ll check on the numbers with my gap tool. Also which software update is oils I need to update? Also any idea how many bolts should be going to the pump?

never mind found the issue! Wires went bad

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i had this issue when I first swapped the wires. i cleared the codes and ensured the pump was spinning when the car was turned on. it went away by itself
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