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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I have an 05 RR that the Land Rover Screen comes up and the power button just flashes. Have looked in the Rave manual but it seemed kindof vague due to the many different configurations. My config has the NAV unit in the dash, in the rear behind the drivers side boot is a blue tooth module, NAV DVD, then an Amp. Right next to the metal rack is a subwoofer.

The million dollar question....is there another radio module somewhere or is it integrated in the in-dash Nav unit?

I did validate I had light going into the bluetooth unit, then light out of the bluetooth to the amp. Not knowing if there is another module I did not trace the fiber to verify if I have light coming out of my amp. I did remove the amp and did see a couple dark spots on the circuit board so I am thinking my amp is bad.

The second million dollar question is if my amp is bad would that cause the screen to stay on the Land Rover Screen and power light to flash?
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