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'04 RR HSE rear license plate

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Hey guys,

Just picked up an '04 RR HSE and the dealer we bought from decided to drill through the license plate to mount it to the center holes since the bracket was missing (we later found it in the truck). Anyhow, we're going to need to replace the plastic inserts on the trunk lid because the one screw is "free spinning" right now. Any idea on where we can get this plastic insert/what to use? Size? We want to get the license plate bracket on to mount the plate correctly...

TIA for any ideas!
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I'm just posting a follow-up message in case anyone else runs into this issue.

I ended up spending some time at the local Rover dealer tracking down this piece. It's officiall known as a "Nut-blind anchor." Attached are two photos of the piece, as well as a photo of the part's tag. The nuts were $2.85 each from the dealer. They were special order, so I had to wait a week for them to come in.


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