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'04 60K Service...What is necessary?

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I bought my '04 HSE in June with 53K on the clock. I have traveled a lot this summer and now have 61k on the car. I know the car needs the 60k service, so I went into the local dealership and they handed me a laundry list of what would be done and quoted $1,200. I then called one indie and they quoted $1,000. I called yet another indie shop and they said that they only do what is necessary for the 60K (i.e if the spark plugs do no need replacing, then do not do it). What have been people's experience with this service interval? The truck was purchased from a RR dealer (it was his personal car) and has a year remaining on the LR Gold Warranty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is my first RR.
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I changed the spark plugs, the front belts, transmission oil, PCV tubes....and I think thats about it.
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