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'02 HSE - No Brake Assist

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Hey all,

Friend called me the other day and said the brakes on his '02 RR "went out". I stopped over and took it for a short drive up his lane and, although there *are* brakes, there is basically no assist happening, so I don't think it's an ABS pump issue, or even an accumulator issue, because the pedal isn't rock hard, as it would be with a failed accumulator. Can anyone help with some diagnosis or things to scrutinize? Does the brake booster make any noise if the key is turned to the ON position without starting or is that just the ABS pump?
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Addendum; OK, so I did some requisite searching and it does seem that the ABS pump, the relay #17 or the outlet screen in the fluid reservoir could all be culprits. So I'll check everything over today and see what I come up with. I guess I thought that the ABS pump couldn't be a suspect because it only served to control ABS action, not entire braking...

Will report back, but please feel free to add any insight :p
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