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02-05 L322 air compressor's can be swapped for a hitachi??

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I have troubles with the wabco air compressor, so I will fix it into the next months. Then I have 3 options:

  1. Buy a new wabco air compressor
  2. Buy a repair kit --> Is it a difficult process? is there a topic?
  3. I have the possibility to buy a 08 S/C L322's air compressor, but this is a Hitachi

The hitachi turtle can be installed into the Wabco place?
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What troubles?

No it can not. It is a different design.

It is really pretty straightforward to rebuild the compressor. I did my 2005's a few years back on my kitchen table in 30 minutes. Bag Piping Andy is who I bought the kit from, there was a link to a Youtube video in the instructions.
The compressor sounds and vibrates a lot, possibly due a fatigue by a front air suspension leak.

To fix the compressor is a “scanner” or sonething tech needed? I Dont have those things.


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If you choose to rebuild or replace, no programming is needed UNLESS your air suspension is inactive.

If your air suspension is working now, you will be fine.

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I have the “air susp. Inactive” message in the dash.

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You will indeed need that to be cleared after the repair. It is likely a hard fault.

Though, possibly starting the truck, and then going ahead and turning the steering wheel all the way left and then all the way right may clear it if the battery has been disconnected, but I have to assume you will need to get it cleared.

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