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'01 4.6ltr Motronics V8 Non Start - Anyone have a Syncmate for Borrow/Hire?

Hi all,

Apologies if this post is in the wrong place, 'tis my first post.

I've recently inherited a 2001 4.6l V8 P38 with the Bosch Motronics ECM and an LPG Conversion. Over Christmas it was sat for a few weeks and the battery died completely. I recharged the battery and it ran fine for a number of days before the engine died. It appears to crank fine but won't fire. A quick check with a generic faultcode reader has thrown up P1667 and a P1672 trouble codes. Having searched around the web a bit I get the feeling that this is probably the ECM / BeCM synchronisation problem that seems to be so common. Does anyone have a a Motronics BeCM Syncmate for borrow/hire? I'm in the Leicestershire area if that helps.
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