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“Gearbox Fault” 2010 L322 HSE

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I got in the truck and started it one day and “Gearbox Fault” popped up. I couldn’t shift out of park. I restarted it and it went away. It has happened a few more times, some times while driving. The message pops up and the car seems to be in 3rd gear only. If I turn off and restart or clear codes, it goes away. It’s been happening very sporadically, but becoming more prevalent lately. I’ve also noticed that some times when it happens, the illuminated “D” on the dash will flash on and off.
My first thought was battery/alternator. I had the alternator checked and was told it’s good. I put in a new battery. To no avail. My Indy swears it’s the gear shifter at the console. I feel he’s guessing. I’ll source a used one, but don’t want to react to guessing.
Going through all of the systems, I’ve found numerous codes. This keeps me thinking current. Maybe the alternator check was inaccurate.
Below are the codes that are there now.
I’ve also read where older models had similar issues when the brake light switch at the pedal gets wonky.
Im open to any suggestions any of you may care to share and I thank you in advance
P0915 Gearshift position - circuit range / position

U0132 Lost communication with ride level control module

U0402 Invalid data received from transmission control module

B12fE Fan

U0121 Lost communication with ABS control module

U0159 Lost communication with parking assist control module

P0850 Park / neutral switch input circuit
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Anyone care to take a swing at this?
Try getting a new battery. Failing batteries (low voltage) on RRs always show multiple random errors. Mine was the same - cured with a new battery.
Try getting a new battery. Failing batteries (low voltage) on RRs always show multiple random errors. Mine was the same - cured with a new battery.
I just did.
Thanks Gyre8, I returned the 2 week old battery and got another one. Duralast Platinum (H8). Still doing it.
Anyone else have any input?
Come on, don't be shy.
I’m response to the outpouring of suggestions, I’ve ordered a new shifter mechanism. Thanks all.
Re: “Gearbox Fault” 2010 L322 HSE

Hello DaveCap,

My 2013 RR Sport just started popping up "Gear Box Fault" message and seems like you had gone through this issue recently. Any suggestion and how much it cost a new shifter mechanism?

Appreciate and any suggestons.
Re: “Gearbox Fault” 2010 L322 HSE

As it turns out, it was not the shifter in my case. The first obvious things to check is your fluid level. Then your battery and your alternator. voltage issues can often trigger this fault. For starters, have you hooked up a scanner to get the specific codes?
How many miles on her? do you know if it has the original fluid in her?
Is the problem more prevalent when shes hot or cold?
Mine was a long journey to get sorted out. You can PM me a number and I can give you a call to explain all I did.
Hey Dave:
I have the gearbox fault in my l322. Replaced battery, checked alternator, replaced tranny pan and fluid. It’s still periodically gives me a gearbox fault and then locks in third gear. I can shift in Park turn it off and it will reset. It is only sporadic. Range rover wants me to replace the whole transmission and mechanteonic unit to the tune of $10,000.
Any insight on how you fixed it!
Hi, I have the exact same issue with the same codes? I have replaced the battery, alternator, gearshift, and readjusted the linkage to no avail can anyone point me in the right direction, the fault is so intermittent I have trouble believing its the mechatronics unit because without the code the car runs and drives perfect.
I’ve got the same problem with my 10’ HSE.
Check your E clutch adaptation to see if it is maxed out. The stator bushing on the input shaft (internal) wears out on any L322 6HP28 10-12 with mixed driving at the 60-90K miles mark. If it's all hiway running maybe more miles out of it.
Causes a wobble, pressure loss and then faults.

I've opened up two transmissions on the 2010 and 2011 I bought, both around 120K kms.
Has anyone got the actual fix for this? Mines is having the exact same issue, a new battery made no difference
If you’re getting P0850 or P0915 codes (assuming you have an 8-speed transmission), companies like Softelectronic can replace the inhibitor switch on your existing Mechatronic electronic module

Transmission Fault P0705-Transmission Range Sensor A...

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