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  1. Wing Mirror Strange behaviour

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    My 4.6 HSE 1997 has electric dipping mirrors when reverse is engaged. They both operate and dip when reverse is selected but when forward is then chosen, one wing mirror (passenger on RHD vehicle) returns to the normal position but the driver side mirror dips still further ... and so on every...
  2. 2010 RRS SC Driver Wing Mirror scratched - ugh

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hi, i need to replace the mirror because it has scratchs all over the mirror. Question: Go to dealer or DIY? Because if DIY is the answer, I haven't a clue where to buy and how to replace.
  3. Folding Wing Mirrors

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi, Can anybody tell me if they have had problems with the auto folding wing mirrors in cold weather as surley if they freeze and try to close it will cause damage ?8~
  4. Yay or nay - Gray Air Wing Fender on Black Evoque

    Range Rover Evoque / L538
    Installed some gray side vent fins. Just wanted to see what you guys thought, tacky or cool?
  5. Wing mirrors not worling.

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi, just bought a 2008 RR Vogue 3.6 and everything is working except the wing mirrors, I cannot adjust either mirror, auto-dip in reverse is not working and the fold facility is not working. The central locking and electric windows are all working OK. I've looked at the fuses but they all seem...
  6. Wing mirror question

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I have been hunting for info on the pinouts/voltages for a 10 pin LH wing mirror to see if I can actuate the motors directly. I have 2 spare mirrors with I good gear rack on each. I am trying to find a way to remove the rack to repair one of the mirrors. I have dismantled as far as the thing...
  7. Very Annoying Wing Mirrors.

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Hi OK. I have bought this P38 DSE. Shes a good truck, but very annoyingly the wing mirrors go up when you go in reverse. Now i would say they should go down in reverse and return once you go in gear forward?? Whats worse they don't return and i end up watching helicopters which isnt much use. I...
  8. My aluminium wing & tailgate is rusting (corroding)

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Not sure what to do about it...but here it is..
  9. Wing mirror covers

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Anyone know of any UK store where I can pick up chrome wing mirror covers for my 53 plate l322 Range Rover vogue. Have seen plenty of 05 onwards but will these fit. Thanks in advance. Sent from AutoGuide.com Free App
  10. Driver's side windshield wiper 'wing' removal

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I've search both google and the site and not found an answer. Just got a new set of winter blades for the RR, and a new 'wing' for driver's side side was included. Any tips on how to get the old one off? There are two protruding plastic pins on the piece. I'm able to free up the top pin, but...
  11. Wing mirrors dip

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    So I got my car last night, and noticed today that my side mirrors do not tilt when I engage reverse. I searched for it in the menus, but did not find it anywhere. Is there any way to turn the feature on/off? I have the folding-dimming mirrors on an HSE Dynamic, so it would be really strange if...
  12. Smashed wing mirror casing

    General Chatter
    I've smashed my wing mirror casing and I'm wanting to know if it can be changed or do I have to buy a complete new wing mirror
  13. Broken rear casing on RRS wing mirror

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    I'm new to here and hoping someone could help me out. Some kind person has smashed the back of my passenger wing mirror and I was wondering if you can replace the casing or do I have to replace the full mirror like landrover are trying to sell me for a whopping £308 without fitting. Please help...
  14. L322 Auto Dimming Wing Mirror issues

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello All, New the forum. Coming onboard with my 07 Java Black SE. Love the car, great drive. However, I have some issues with both Exterior mirrors, where neither of them will auto-dim? I know the interior mirror is ok, as I can shine a light on the front sensor and it dims with no...
  15. Wing mirror cap swap?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Sorry to bother, but I have a broken wing mirror cap/shell. I bought a replacement for the whole unit from e-bay, but it doesn't work. The car is booked in to a bodyshop for some work tomorrow morning and I'm having trouble taking the e-bay unit apart to try to swap the covers. Does anyone know...
  16. Front lower side wing trim

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hi everybody, my name is Nicola and I am from Italy. I am looking for a side wing trim for my Oslo blue L322 Range (see picture). Seems to be quite hard to find one in Italy. Does somebody know where I can sort it out in the UK? a place than can ship it to me in Italy would be perfect...
  17. Fitting wing mirror glass

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    Purchased two new mirrors as my heating elements had gone. I have popped the old ones on and off loads of time. The new ones look the same, but I can't get them on! Gonna bugger them soon! Any tips?
  18. RRS 2006 wing mirrors

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello, I would like to paint the wing mirror caps of my RRS 2006. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to remove the caps without taking the mirrors from the car? I can not find any instructions and want to avoid to damage the mirror. Thanks Hans
  19. wing mirror caps

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello, Can anyone help me? I would like to paint the wing mirror of my rrs 2006. I found the instructions to remove the complete wing mirror, but I'm wondering if it is possible to remove the caps or dismantle the mirrors without removing them? Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks. Hans
  20. Problem with the folding of wing mirrors

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Hello all, Several days ago I found the passenger right wing mirror plicated after park in the street when I didn't plicate them. Since then, passenger wing mirror turns in opposite. I decided yesterday to investigate which is the problem. I found a broken plastic that support the electric...