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  1. Debating on getting an SVR for wife..

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Before I decide to do this being new to Range Rover what's the worst part about the SVR?? I've been hearing that gas is the biggest issue because you have to fill it up so much(gas mileage). Also I've been hearing the seats aren't necessarily comfortable on longer journey trips but that seems a...
  2. Wife Allows Me to Drive Her RR Sport!

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    My first post ever. I'm on here because of my wife's newly-acquired RR. She traded in her 2008 4Runner for this 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE LUX with barely 48k miles. This was at a BMW dealer. When she took it to the LR dealer for a parts estimate (replace scuffed/hairline-cracked driver door...
  3. Hi got v8 fever and bought a P38 - I think wife ok with it

    New Member Introductions
    Hiya I love it, it's got multipart lpg cos my gas is about $8 a gallon :twisted: And lpg is half that :-P Great drive, lunatic sound, understated, fits me like a glove. Lovely toy. Might cost me a holiday for wife. Cheers Mike
  4. Help me retrieve my wife's missing pocket knife!!! Please!!

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I love that my wife always has a pocket knife. She is kind of obsessed about carrying it. Today she put it on the dashboard of our 2006 Range Rover and it slipped into the gap between the windshield and the dashboard and fell in. It's open. The knife is razor sharp. I cannot for the life of...
  5. Man Shot and killed with wife while getting into his Range Rover

    General Chatter
    Man Shot and killed with wife while getting into his Range Rover Aloha Range Rover Mates, I saw on the news this happened in a shopping mall in New Jersey. SO horrible and it made me think about how to protect my wife and myself. Now i know all about situational awareness and paying attention...
  6. First major snow of the season, wife stole the RR, so I want another

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    First major snow of the season, wife stole the RR, so I want another Long story short, now that it is snowing the wife decides she gets the range rover (which has been my DD since last march!!) Its a 2000 4.0 SE with almost 202k miles on it. I have been thinking of getting another one anyways...
  7. Wife wanted a rover...fml.

    New Member Introductions
    hahahaha. i wonder how many of these intro postings there are. :lol: Picked RvrMechanic because since we purchased the vehicle, that's where I've been. Man can these things be pains in the ass.... It's a 2003 rover. I'm an ASE certified Master Mech, and I've been wrenching for like 12 years. I...
  8. What does your wife drive and why?

    General Chatter
    So just getting opinions on what everyone's significant others drive. My wife is currently in a 2011 sonata limited. Great little commuter car good mileage heated leather loaded and couldn't be beat for a back and forth to work car for 27k. Considering putting her in an evoque as she wants...
  9. Now a Lexus Owner - wife gets my RRS

    General Chatter
    I just started a new job that has me overseeing a Pharma territory from the Philly to the northern NJ area. My employer does not provide a car, an allowance instead, so you can drive what you want. Since I'll average 150-200 miles a day, I wanted something that was very quiet, very comfortable...
  10. Newbie looking for a RR/RRS for the delightful wife.

    New Member Introductions
    We are so happy with our 2011 LR4 we've decided to replace our deceasing Honda Odyssey with a CPO RR or RRS within the next 6 months. This looks to be a great reference site. And yes, even though we are urban and use our vehicles primarily in an urban setting, the LR4 has already been...
  11. Need advise in purchasing a 05 LR3 for the wife

    General Chatter
    Hi I know it not an RRS, (dont kiill me Toad) but figured Ill ask, im thinking of buying an 05 LR3 for the wife in a couple of days, it has 57k miles on it, and I learned its v6, thought all Lr3 were v8 4.4. Well any thing I should look out for, its a private owner with records from the LR...
  12. Wife takes the car for the first time and breaks something.

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Anyone know what this is and if I need to replace it? The pic is not my car, I just needed a big enough pic to ask what the heck this is and if I need to replace it. I don't know how she did it but I usually give the car a once over when I get it and I noticed that she had hit something hard...
  13. Wife's new Christmas present

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    2012 HSE Santorina Black (sometimes blue) with climate package. The wheels are 22" Lexani LS-55 with Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires 285/40/22. The front windows are tinted close to the rear windows but not quite as dark. She likes the black on black look but not necessarily going for the...