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  1. replacing trailing arms

    Range Rover Classic
    Went off roading today and managed to bend the driver-side trailing arm into a "U" shape. I was curious on others experiences in replacing the trailing arms. It looks to be a very straight forward fix but we all know how those plans go.
  2. replacing bushes on rear trailing arm vs front radius arms ?

    Range Rover Mark II / P38
    I'm looking at replacing my rear trailing arm bushes and the manual says to raise the car on a four-post lift and depressurise air bags. My car is on coils so I can't depressurise the air bags and I don't have a four-post lift. Would it be alright to raise the chassis up, support it on some...
  3. 1992 RR Classic - Rear Trailing Arms

    Range Rover Classic
    Not only are the bushings knackered toward the front of the vehicle on the trailing arms, the left one has a significant bend. It's no wonder my rear end is a little squirrelly. I am considering the terrafirma cranked trailing arms as replacements. Anyone here use them or have any...
  4. Trailing Arm

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    I've got 82K miles on the clock of my 2003 and have been dealing with a squeaking noise coming from my rear suspension for a while now... I have replaced the bushings and rear shocks but no luck. My mechanic now tells me I need a new trailing arm for the rear right side -- but I can't seem to...