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  1. Trading '04 HSE for '93 County LWB - should I?

    Range Rover Classic
    Hi all, I realize it's just swapping one money pit for another, but any glaring reasons not to do so? Here's why I want to do it. The classic county LWB has been on my "get list" for years. It's always been the model I wanted to end up with, and now the opportunity exists to get one. The...
  2. Trading my 2008 rrs for 2012 rrs gt

    Range Rover Sport / L320
    Hello i am trading my 2008 rrs with 115,000 miles for a 2012 rrs gt with 21,523 miles carfax is clean and car is mint but carfax states that i only hae 10 months left of warranty or 28,744 miles land rover dealer has it as a select certified pre-owned vehicle also dealer is adding a 6...
  3. Would you purchase the RR LWB again? Thinking of trading a fully loaded 2014 RRS

    Range Rover Mark IV / L405
    Would you purchase the RR LWB again? Thinking of trading a fully loaded 2014 RRS Good Morning! I am hoping to get an idea of overall satisfaction with the 2015 RR LWB. I have one at the dealer and I am contemplating trading my 2014 RRS supercharged in for it. Please share with me your overall...
  4. Question; expecting depreciation when trading in 14 RRS to 15 RRS

    Range Rover Sport II / L494
    Question; expecting depreciation when trading in 14 RRS to 15 RRS Dear guys! I have question for my trading in. I am supposed to wait until the 2015 3.0 HSE come by the late December or January, but thinking about trade in (purchasing) 14 ($78K) at the early August with my current 13 Q5 2.0...
  5. Close to Trading in RR... Talk me out of it!

    Range Rover Mark III / L322
    Currently own a 2003 4.4L HSE with 158k - runs like a dream and have put a LOT of resources into it over the last three years. Can't seem to resolve multiple oil leak issue after changing out most of the PCV valve system and inspecting the hard to change hoses. Head gaskets still leaking oil but...
  6. Trading from Cyprus

    Diagnostic Equipment
    Who has experience of returning stuff to BBM? My faultmate stopped working 100%, I got an RMA number and letter saying return by signed for mail or courier. I sent it signed for mail and it has now been sitting in Cyprus for two weeks without reaching BBS. I have asked any number of times and...
  7. Trading up to a Rover!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All! Excited to have found this site! I'm in a great place in my life - getting married in 2 months, got a new job, will start a family soon - so decided to make the commitment to step up my vehicle! I'm sold on the Evoque due to its performance, styling, smaller size (I live downtown...
  8. I'm thinking about trading...

    General Chatter
    ...my F250 CrewCab 4x4 Powerstroke for a LR3...maybe. Question is, other than the missing limited wood, what is the difference between a hard-loaded SE that appears to have all important options and a HSE rig?
  9. Considering trading for a Range Rover County 1992

    Range Rover Classic
    Has 133k on it. Has the bull bars, 3 spokes on it. Trade would be a 2000 VW Passat V6 with 189K on it. (Value is about the same). This would be a second vehicle, emergency use only (we mostly commute together, occasional evening events). Occasional winter beater (live in Twin Cities)...